Second Chance Yorkie Rescue

Making a difference for pets in need
Join us in supporting our 501c3 non profit rescue we are getting established
Join us in making a difference We have decided to start a dog rescue to help small dogs in need and dogs with AAI or similar neurological conditions.
Second Chance Yorkie Rescue Organization-Making a difference to save lives and giving dogs a second chance at life and love. Our Journey with our little Mia has made us very passionate about helping other needy, neglected, homeless, abused, puppy mill dogs and dogs in kill shelters that we decided to start a dog rescue organization but we need your help with getting established as a 501c3 Non-profit animal rescue organization. We are hoping their are others out there with hearts as soft as mine. If everyone who reads this can donate whatever they can afford – even $5, $10, $25 —We can help other dogs have a fighting chance. Please be part of us helping homeless, abused, and needy animals get a second chance at life and love! We thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read our campaign and we sincerely appreciate your help as well as the many helpless/homeless dogs we will help. Please show your support in helping us get established as a 501c3 rescue group.
We want to be become a foster home small dog rescue where once we receive a dog, we will provide love, nurturing, nutrition, medical care, including spay and neuter, vaccinations and any necessary rehabilitation, socialization and help find a forever home. Second Chance Yorkie Rescue will work together with our local animal shelter and humane society to help homeless and neglected small dogs find their way into safe, permanent and loving homes giving them a new leash on life. Once all necessary care and treatment is completed, we will place the dog into a loving foster home or permanent adoptive forever home. We will specialize in sick and injured pets, surrenders and those who have simply run out of but we desperately need your help with the start up cost to get established as a 501c3 rescue and the cost of the permits needed. We are currently license by the Michigan Department of Agriculture as a dog rescue (Shelter Protection Agency) we just need the next step in the process.
Our Passion
PLEASE Help us... help homeless, neglected and abused dogs.We need your help to raise funds to get established as a 501c3 Non-Profit Rescue Organization. It doesn’t take much to make a different. If everyone who this reaches can donate just a $1 or $2. it will add up very quickly and help us in getting established as a rescue organization. Thank You for your help and support.
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